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Portico D Ottavia 13 Epub

The Porticus Iulia is one of the group of buildings on the south-east side of the Forum Romanum, which are named after members of the gens Iulia. The only literary evidence for its position, is in the scholia on Aulus Persius Flaccus' Satire IV, 49: "foeneratores ad puteal Scribonii Libonis, quod est in porticu Iulia ad Fabianum arcum, consistere solebant." The excavation of building foundations on the south and north sides of the Temple of Caesar in May 1952, in conjunction with the discovery of the Puteal Libonis (August 1950), and of the Fornix Fabianus (August 1953), confirm that the remains around the temple are those of the Porticus Iulia (s. plan, Arcus Augusti I, 94). It was an arcaded portico, surrounding the Temple of Divus Iulius on three sides, and at the back, between the temple and the Regia, it became a cryptoporticus. On the north side, it was connected by a street-arch with the Porticus Gai et Luci (q. v.).

Portico D Ottavia 13 Epub

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