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Elijah Hall

Offering To The Storm (2020)

Thank you for so eloquently speaking my heart..again...Courtney, for giving voice and energy to the storm of thoughts and and feelings I wrestle with on the daily. Carrying that rage and thirst for Leadership with me out into the world today, feet firmly planted in the real magic of imaginative solutions to collective problems....thank you again for the work you do and share- professionally and personally.

Offering to the Storm (2020)

A nonprofit legal group is offering to help low-income central Alabama storm victims with needs ranging from federal relief applications to contractor fraud during a series of free events in Montgomery and Selma.

Dallas and Autauga counties were some of the hardest-hit areas in a Jan. 12 tornado outbreak, which was the most recent in a series of devastating storms across central Alabama. But LSA noted that Alabamians hurt by disasters in 2020 and 2021 could also be eligible for free legal aid.

Of the total storm drainage projects, $206 million raised through borrowing would go toward that project in northeast Denver, supplementing other sources to cover estimates that range between $267 million and $298 million.

Dear Consumer Ed: My roof was damaged during a recent storm. A roofer came to my door and, after looking at my roof, offered to replace it for $20,000. He said the company would pay my insurance deductible if I agreed to let them put a sign in my yard with their company name on it. 041b061a72


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