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Henry Thompson
Henry Thompson

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help the community by donating any amount . even a small amount of a few dollars per month will make a difference . supporting us will help us upgrade the community servers, and hopefully we can keep splitter free forever . even as a shared service, there is no perfect way to utilize splitter studio.

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meanwhile, the politicians and public policy analysts who consider the future of the music industry should be wary of making conclusions that are determined by the potential consequences of any one approach. as we have seen, the adverse consequences of lock-in are significant, but so are the possible benefits. the current price discrimination policies were fiercely attacked by consumers, and the record companies and movie studios were [36] not entirely successful in blocking the emergence of more sophisticated business models, such as the pay-per-download model that rivals use to compete with the existing price-discrimination mechanisms. it seems very unlikely that a new regime would be drastically better, from the consumers' perspective. but the evidence is far from conclusive. in any case, the record companies and movie studios have several years before any new copyright regime would be effective. the proponents of a new regime should think creatively and carefully about the music industry's problems before they commit their organizations to lobbying for a legislative fix.

within a political system dominated by money, money changes people's minds. if the record companies and movie studios are not careful, they will find themselves being guided by a force they fear, and which they can neither predict nor control. they would be wise to think carefully about the future and not to cut deals that, while helping them at the moment, may, in the end, make things worse.


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