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Windows Seven Transformation Pack 2.0 For Xp And vista [HOT]

Windows 7 Transformation Pack 2.0 is available for download to be used on Vista as well as on XP and 2003 versions. This pack is free to download, and if all features of Windows 7 is required, then it is preferable for the user to order/buy/download a full copy of Windows 7 itself. The transformation pack is only an addon and enhancement to the appearance of the Windows versions stated above, with some options taken from Windows 7.

Windows Seven Transformation Pack 2.0 for xp and vista

Windows 7 was released with lots of pomp and circumstance. Those that shelled out for the new OS are probably sitting back and playing with all the cool features as we speak, but what if you can't - or don't want - to upgrade? That's where transformation packs come in.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack is a free software to get Windows 8 UI on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server. This transformation pack basically transforms your default Windows version UI to Windows 8 UI that includes a Charms bar or Metro UI as in Windows 8.

This transformation pack is suitable for Windows Vista, XP and server. If you are using a Windows 7 PC, then I would suggest you to use Windows 8 UX Pack reviewed by us, as it is specially designed for Windows 7, and gives a better experience.

The transformation pack modifies your system files, so in case you want to revert it back, it is always good to create a system restore point. If you are not comfortable with the modifications to system files, you can try the Windows 8 UX pack (supported only on Windows 7 and does not modify any system file).

One of the easiest ways to get the Windows 7 look would appear to be to use a specially designed transformation pack. Using such a pack is, in theory, an entirely automated process that eliminates the need to manually install individual programs or apply lots of tweaks.


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