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Kuruluş Osman 7. Bölüm Fragmanı ve Özeti: Osman'ın Zorlu Sınavı

Kuruluş Osman 7. Bölüm: A Review of the Seventh Episode of the Turkish Historical Drama Series


Kuruluş Osman is a Turkish historical drama series that follows the life and adventures of Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The series is a sequel to Diriliş Ertuğrul, which depicted the story of Osman's father, Ertuğrul Ghazi, who was a leader of the Kayı tribe in 13th century Anatolia.

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In the sixth episode of Kuruluş Osman, we saw how Osman Bey rescued his beloved Bala Hatun from the clutches of Sofia, a Byzantine princess who was working with Alişar Bey, a Mongol puppet. We also saw how Dündar Bey, Osman's uncle and Ertuğrul's brother, betrayed his nephew and sided with Alişar Bey in order to gain more power and wealth. Meanwhile, Ertuğrul Bey, who was suffering from a serious illness, was taken to Konya by his loyal alps to seek treatment from Sheikh Edebali, a renowned scholar and mystic.

The main characters of Kuruluş Osman are:

  • Osman Bey (played by Burak Özçivit): The youngest son of Ertuğrul Ghazi and Halime Hatun, and the future founder of the Ottoman Empire. He is brave, charismatic, visionary, and devoted to his people and his faith.

  • Bala Hatun (played by Özge Törer): The daughter of Sheikh Edebali and Osman's love interest. She is beautiful, intelligent, courageous, and compassionate.

  • Dündar Bey (played by Ragıp Savaş): The younger brother of Ertuğrul Ghazi and Osman's uncle. He is ambitious, greedy, cunning, and treacherous.

  • Alişar Bey (played by Erkan Avcı): A powerful bey who is loyal to the Mongols and their governor Geyhatu. He is ruthless, arrogant, manipulative, and envious of Osman.

  • Ertuğrul Ghazi (played by Tamer Yiğit): The father of Osman Bey and the leader of the Kayı tribe. He is wise, noble, respected, and ill.

Summary of the Seventh Episode

The seventh episode of Kuruluş Osman begins with Osman Bey and his alps returning to their camp with Bala Hatun after defeating Sofia and her soldiers. Osman Bey declares his love for Bala Hatun and asks her to marry him. Bala Hatun accepts his proposal and they embrace each other. Osman Bey then sends a message to Sheikh Edebali, informing him of his intention to marry his daughter.

Meanwhile, Dündar Bey, who is unhappy with Osman's success and popularity, decides to join forces with Alişar Bey and plot against Osman. He invites Alişar Bey to his tent and offers him his loyalty and support. He also suggests that Alişar Bey should marry Aygül Hatun, Dündar's daughter and Osman's cousin, to strengthen their alliance. Alişar Bey agrees to Dündar's plan and promises to reward him with lands and riches.

Osman Bey, who is unaware of his uncle's betrayal, goes to the tent of Ertuğrul Bey to visit his father. He finds out that Ertuğrul Bey has left for Konya with his alps to seek treatment from Sheikh Edebali. He also learns that Ertuğrul Bey has appointed Dündar Bey as the acting leader of the Kayı tribe in his absence. Osman Bey is shocked and disappointed by his father's decision, as he does not trust Dündar Bey.

Osman Bey then confronts Dündar Bey and challenges him for the leadership of the Kayı tribe. He accuses Dündar Bey of being a traitor and a coward, and claims that he is the rightful heir of Ertuğrul Bey. He also reveals that he knows about Dündar's alliance with Alişar Bey and his plan to marry Aygül Hatun to him. He warns Dündar Bey that he will not let him harm the Kayı tribe or Bala Hatun.

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Dündar Bey denies Osman's accusations and tries to justify his actions. He argues that he is acting in the best interest of the Kayı tribe and that he is following Ertuğrul Bey's orders. He also claims that Osman is a rebel and a troublemaker, who is endangering the peace and security of the Kayı tribe by defying the Mongols and the Byzantines. He orders Osman to obey him or face the consequences.

Osman Bey refuses to submit to Dündar Bey and challenges him to a duel. He says that whoever wins the duel will be the leader of the Kayı tribe and will marry Bala Hatun. Dündar Bey accepts the challenge and prepares to fight Osman. However, before they can start the duel, they are interrupted by a messenger from Sheikh Edebali, who brings a letter for Osman.

The letter informs Osman that Sheikh Edebali has arrived in Konya with Ertuğrul Bey and that he wants to see Osman as soon as possible. It also says that Sheikh Edebali has given his consent for Osman to marry Bala Hatun, but only on one condition: Osman must leave the Kayı tribe and join Sheikh Edebali in Konya.

Osman Bey is stunned by Sheikh Edebali's request and does not know what to do. He loves Bala Hatun and wants to marry her, but he also loves his tribe and does not want to abandon them. He asks for some time to think about it and decides to go to Konya with Bala Hatun.

The episode ends with a scene of Ertuğrul Bey lying on a bed in Konya, surrounded by Sheikh Edebali and his alps. Ertuğrul Bey looks weak and pale, and his breathing is shallow. Sheikh Edebali tells him that Osman is on his way to see him, but he does not know if he will make it in time. He prays for Ertuğrul Bey's recovery and asks God to protect him and his son.

Analysis of the Seventh Episode

The seventh episode of Kuruluş Osman was a thrilling and emotional one, as it showed the conflicts and dilemmas faced by Osman Bey and his tribe. The episode explored some of the main themes and messages of the series, such as:

  • Love: The episode showed how love can be a source of strength and joy, as well as a source of pain and sacrifice. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun expressed their love for each other, but they also had to face the difficult choice of leaving their tribe or their partner.

  • Betrayal: The episode showed how betrayal can be a source of anger and resentment, as well as a source of motivation and determination. Osman Bey was betrayed by his uncle Dündar Bey, who allied with his enemy Alişar Bey and planned to marry his daughter to him. Osman Bey was also betrayed by his father Ertuğrul Bey, who appointed Dündar Bey as the leader of the Kayı tribe and asked Osman Bey to leave the tribe. Osman Bey used his betrayal as a fuel to fight for his tribe and his love.

  • Loyalty: The episode showed how loyalty can be a source of trust and support, as well as a source of conflict and challenge. Osman Bey was loyal to his tribe and his faith, but he also had to deal with the loyalty of his alps, who were divided between him and Dündar Bey. Osman Bey was also loyal to his love Bala Hatun, but he also had to respect the loyalty of Sheikh Edebali, who wanted him to join his cause.

  • Leadership: The episode showed how leadership can be a source of power and responsibility, as well as a source of danger and burden. Osman Bey proved his leadership skills by rescuing Bala Hatun, defeating Sofia, and challenging Dündar Bey. However, he also faced the risks and difficulties of being a leader, such as making hard decisions, facing enemies, and protecting his people.

The episode also portrayed the historical and cultural aspects of the 13th century Anatolia, such as:

  • The Mongol invasion: The episode showed how the Mongols were a constant threat and oppressor for the Turkish tribes in Anatolia. The Mongols imposed heavy taxes, harsh laws, and brutal punishments on the Turks, who had to either submit or resist. The episode also showed how some Turks collaborated with the Mongols for their own interests, while others fought against them for their freedom and dignity.

  • The Byzantine empire: The episode showed how the Byzantines were another enemy and rival for the Turkish tribes in Anatolia. The Byzantines tried to exploit the weakness and division of the Turks, who were under the Mongol domination. The episode also showed how some Byzantines were interested in the Turkish culture and religion, while others were hostile and intolerant.

  • The Islamic faith: The episode showed how Islam was a source of guidance and inspiration for the Turkish tribes in Anatolia. Islam provided them with a sense of identity, purpose, and hope. The episode also showed how Islam was a source of diversity and richness for the Turkish culture, as it incorporated various elements from different traditions and regions.

The episode also developed the characters and their relationships, such as:

  • Osman Bey and Bala Hatun: The episode showed how Osman Bey and Bala Hatun deepened their love and commitment for each other. They overcame many obstacles and dangers together, and they expressed their feelings and intentions openly. They also faced a major test for their relationship, as they had to choose between their tribe or their partner.

  • Osman Bey and Dündar Bey: The episode showed how Osman Bey and Dündar Bey became enemies and rivals for the leadership of the Kayı tribe. They had different visions and values for their tribe, and they clashed over their actions and decisions. They also competed for the hand of Bala Hatun, who was Dündar's niece and Osman's lover.

  • Osman Bey and Ertuğrul Bey: The episode showed how Osman Bey and Ertuğrul Bey had a complex and strained relationship as father and son. They loved and respected each other, but they also had different opinions and expectations for each other. They disagreed over the leadership of the Kayı tribe, and they had a communication gap due to Ertuğrul's illness and absence.

The episode also used cinematography, music, and dialogue to create an engaging and immersive experience for the viewers, such as:

  • The action scenes: The episode featured several action scenes that showcased the skills and courage of Osman Bey and his alps. The scenes were well-choreographed, well-shot, and well-edited, creating a sense of tension, excitement, and realism. The scenes also used sound effects, music, and slow motion to enhance the impact and emotion of the scenes.

  • The romantic scenes: The episode featured several romantic scenes that showcased the chemistry and affection of Osman Bey and Bala Hatun. The scenes were well-acted, well-directed, and well-written, creating a sense of intimacy, warmth, and sincerity. The scenes also used lighting, music, and close-ups to enhance the beauty and emotion of the scenes.