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In earlier sources, the rule sometimes had a different interpretation than in contemporary times. Not only was it gender-specific, it was presented as a formula to calculate the ideal age of a female partner at the beginning of a relationship, instead of a lower limit. Frederick Locker-Lampson's Patchwork from 1879 states the opinion "A wife should be half the age of her husband with seven years added."[84] Max O'Rell's Her Royal Highness Woman from 1901 gives the rule in the format "A man should marry a woman half his age, plus seven."[85] A similar interpretation is also present in the 1951 play The Moon Is Blue by F. Hugh Herbert: "Haven't you ever heard that the girl is supposed to be half the man's age, plus seven?"[86]

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It was brains I was after. I had no interest in looks, popular fame or money. From the age of 13 or so it was clear to me that I needed a mature, sophisticated lover, a writer, artist, journalist or politico. I daydreamed coups de foudre, epiphanic meetings with the writers whose books I was reading and encounters with nameless, imaginary artists and philosophers. No businessmen, comedians or rock stars. I wanted wisdom and sexual finesse. I had no upper age limit, although in those days the oldest man in my life was in his fifties. My lower limit was quite specific: no one under thirty. My interest simply died when someone revealed himself to be 28 or 29.

SEX OFFENSE A Portage County Child Protective Services employee told police that between March 14, 2010, and Aug. 30, a 32-year-old man had sexual contact with a 9-year-old girl and two other victims at a home on Wells Avenue NW.

After leaving the hotel, the man took the girl for a meal before she got the bus back home to her parents' house. However, gardai were alerted when the parents became concerned as to the precise nature of her relationship with the older man.

He was arrested at a single-family home, which he allegedly ran as a bawdy house, by the Vancouver Police Department's Vice Unit on Oct. 7. Two underage girls were found at the property and taken into care.

The police launched an investigation after reports of a underage girl working as a prostitute. The investigation led to the suspects - a 41-year-old man from Utrecht and a 25-year-old man with no fixed address. The arrests were made by the Migration Crime and Human Trafficking team in Utrecht and Bilthoven respectively. 041b061a72


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