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Pastelon Recipe Bacalao

Yet another wonderful recipe brought to you by Chef Yadira Garcia (@HappyHealthyLatina), Loisa's Head Chef & Educator and a partner in our business, Chef Irbania Tavares (@irbania), and Chef Nikki Gurley (@chef_gstackz). Also blessed to work with photographer and stylist Rosanna Añil (@nycfoodmuse) to capture all the magic!

pastelon recipe bacalao

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Do you observe Lent? Are meatless Fridays a Lenten tradition you practice? If you need more Lent recipe ideas, check out some of the Lenten recipes below from a few of my blogger friends!

Since this was my first time cooking salt cod, I would have appreciated it if the recipe told me whether to refrigerate the fish while it was soaking. However, the recipe was silent on that. I did research on my own and some recipes said specifically to put the fish in the refrigerator while soaking. I compromised and left the cod to soak in a bowl on the counter during the day, but refrigerated it overnight when I was not changing the water as frequently.

I used the technique that the recipe suggests for flaking the cod. It worked very well to put it in a clean dishcloth and pound the cloth with my fist. A word of caution: when forming the fritters, it is not enough to just shape them with the two spoons, they need to be compressed just a bit so they will hold their shape when put in the hot oil. Using my wok to deep fry them worked very well.

En un molde echamos un poco de puré de plátanos maduros, luego la mezcla del bacalao y volvemos a agregar otra capa del puré, luego le agregamos por encima el queso rallado y hornear por 30 minutos.

I suggest serving the bacalao with plain side dishes. In this case, it was served atop of a bed of white rice, and accompanied by a romaine salad dressed with white vinegar and good olive oil, as well as slices of a toasted whole wheat baguette drizzled with olive oil. You want the cod to stand out, and it deserves its 15 minutes of fame.

Since then, many mofongo recipes have been developed. In its traditional version, it is made with chicharrones de cerdo (to simplify the recipe and if you can not find it, you can use cooked bacon so as to make it crispy) and is served with a creamy chicken broth and fried meat.

Plantains are abundant in Puerto Rico. Also, the Spanish introduced garlic, olive oil and pork, which can be found in many Puerto Rican recipes such as arroz con gandules, rice with dried beans and pork, and habichuelas guisadas, a pinto bean stew with pork.

Originally from Europe, Flan is a dessert made with condensed milk, evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract. Although the original recipe is widely used in Puerto Rican cooking, flan de queso is another variant that includes cream cheese in the recipe.

Serenata de bacalao - a salad featuring salt cod - was one of the most memorable of Carmen's dishes, and she generously shared the recipe with me. Salt cod, now somewhat of a rare delicacy, was the foundation of several economic and civil empires over the last few centuries, as documented in the wonderful book by Mark Kurlansky, Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World. As a result there are many, many preparations featuring salt cod in many different national cuisines.


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