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Nallavarkellam Satchigal Rendu Mp3 Download

Nallavarkellam Satchigal Rendu Mp3 Download

Nallavarkellam Satchigal Rendu is a popular Tamil song from the movie Thiyagam, released in 1978. The song was sung by the legendary singer T.M. Soundararajan and composed by the maestro Ilaiyaraaja. The lyrics were written by the poet Kannadasan, who expressed the philosophy of life and death in a simple yet profound way.

nallavarkellam satchigal rendu mp3 download

The song is about a man who is facing death and reflects on his life. He says that he has seen many good and bad people in his life, but he does not judge anyone. He says that everyone has their own fate and karma, and no one can escape from them. He says that he is ready to face death with a smile, as he has lived his life with honesty and dignity.

The song is considered as one of the best songs of T.M. Soundararajan, who was known for his powerful and expressive voice. He sang many songs for the actor Sivaji Ganesan, who played the lead role in Thiyagam. The song is also one of the finest compositions of Ilaiyaraaja, who used a blend of classical and folk music to create a memorable melody. The song is also praised for its meaningful and poetic lyrics by Kannadasan, who was one of the greatest lyricists of Tamil cinema.

If you want to listen to this song, you can find it on YouTube or download it from You can also find the lyrics and translation of this song on various websites. This song is a classic example of the rich and diverse culture of Tamil music and cinema.


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